Thursday, 14 April 2016

My writing assessment Term 2

At the pools in Melbourne in Australia. When we went to  the Pools  I was nervous and excited to go down the  big slide and a little slide it looks fun to ride on  too. First we went on the  big slide me my Dad and Chase went down the big slide and it was the big slide it was  like I was going to fall Straight down. Chase was facing backwards and he almost fell off and  me and my Dad were laughing at him. He wanted to go forwards and my Dad was facing backwards.

Next we got to the end and I went on the little slide and was a little fun after that I went to the Park and It had a big Buckets next my Brothers and angel and tenji came and after that I saw angel In the Water by my Dad by the Park and she went down  the slide By herself  and it was funny Later on we went to go home and it was the best day ever and The big slide was my Favorites

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