Tuesday, 30 August 2016

persuasive writing by Takuira and Sonny

I Believe that we should have and New school building and parks

This because it will look better than the other schools in kaikohe and then heaps of kids will want to come to our school and because we will have and bigger class Room.

What I think is best I think that we should have and better park for the Juniors and Upgrade our park and so the kids will play on it.and we should have new toilets  because   and we should have those air blowing things to dry your hands.

The other reason why. I think we should have new building because we have had our school for pretty long. now that why we should have and new building. And another reason why we should have building it will be like and new future.

By Sonny and Takuira  

the great shar Pei. by Takuira

Monday, 22 August 2016

This is my Term 3 book review

Image result for bok choy book by paul mason  This is the book that we have been reading last week it’s Bok choy. It’s by Paul mason. Illustrations by ant sang The book is about and boy called jacob.the story was in otago 1865 in and gold mining Village. After that there was and chinese man walked.around the Village going door to door. Mrs Bishop was mocking Chinese Man.    

The part I like was when the chinese man went door to door and said do you want Bok choy .By Sonny and Takuira.      Hey do you read books?  maybe you should check this book out.