Tuesday, 30 August 2016

persuasive writing by Takuira and Sonny

I Believe that we should have and New school building and parks

This because it will look better than the other schools in kaikohe and then heaps of kids will want to come to our school and because we will have and bigger class Room.

What I think is best I think that we should have and better park for the Juniors and Upgrade our park and so the kids will play on it.and we should have new toilets  because   and we should have those air blowing things to dry your hands.

The other reason why. I think we should have new building because we have had our school for pretty long. now that why we should have and new building. And another reason why we should have building it will be like and new future.

By Sonny and Takuira  

the great shar Pei. by Takuira

Monday, 22 August 2016

This is my Term 3 book review

Image result for bok choy book by paul mason  This is the book that we have been reading last week it’s Bok choy. It’s by Paul mason. Illustrations by ant sang The book is about and boy called jacob.the story was in otago 1865 in and gold mining Village. After that there was and chinese man walked.around the Village going door to door. Mrs Bishop was mocking Chinese Man.    

The part I like was when the chinese man went door to door and said do you want Bok choy .By Sonny and Takuira.      Hey do you read books?  maybe you should check this book out.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Hut Making

On  Saturday In the weekend I went to Anthony’s house.

When my dad dropped me off at Anthony’s house I was so happy to see him. I was excited.When I went inside Anthony was in the kitchen. After that me and Anthony went in his room to fix the nerf gun Modulus because  it was broken. When me and Anthony were finished the nerf gun it was fix

Next  we went outside to have a ride on the  bike .We went down the hill. A few minutes later  me and Anthony went to chop the bamboo to make a tree hut. We made a Shelf It was  by driveway on the side of the driveway and we went in the tree hut made in bamboo Next time I go up to Anthony's house we  will make a Boat. Next time
l tony and I and A will make a bamboo boat when tony  came back from work  he said  “wow that is cool”   Stopped by me and Anthony  at that  tree hut.  Me and Anthony wanted to go  on the truck
We went up to the  house by holding on the Side of the truck. I was in the front and Anthony was in the back and he  laughed  and I laughed it was funny and we went inside for a Kai and it was the best day ever
And me and Anthony played Hide and go Seek  and we played with tony.  Used the Nerf gun’s and me and Anthony We  were the first one to hide. After that  I went home to get ready to go to school. We had a great day up the house.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Driving through Asthma

I have been Reading BREATHLESS. By Bernard Beckett Nonfiction .                                                                                                                                                                                  It is a boy that has asthma and he has a hard time to play. And his dream was to play in the finals but on the training he had to go to the hospital. It was the day for the game. He asked his coach can I play no sorry  son you can't  play. He got sad and angry

My favorites part  was when they were in the trolley and the main character  in it.
And My favorites part was when they try to break into the tigger clubroom to put their team Jersey on the team mascot. It was funny when the winger brother we to go and Chase then and the main character was in the trolley .

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My writing assessment Term 2

At the pools in Melbourne in Australia. When we went to  the Pools  I was nervous and excited to go down the  big slide and a little slide it looks fun to ride on  too. First we went on the  big slide me my Dad and Chase went down the big slide and it was the big slide it was  like I was going to fall Straight down. Chase was facing backwards and he almost fell off and  me and my Dad were laughing at him. He wanted to go forwards and my Dad was facing backwards.

Next we got to the end and I went on the little slide and was a little fun after that I went to the Park and It had a big Buckets next my Brothers and angel and tenji came and after that I saw angel In the Water by my Dad by the Park and she went down  the slide By herself  and it was funny Later on we went to go home and it was the best day ever and The big slide was my Favorites

this is my Research for term 1.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

my book

Feb 25, 2016 11:58:36 AM.jpgWhat I been reading

My book is Breakdown. And the author is Tricia Glensor
my story is about breakdown is when they breakdown and it was not Starting. It did not start and Nothing happened  Words like spluttered cab cable deck winch hook.

My Favorited piece was When they were talking about ice cream